News from the Empire – Jan. 17th, 1851 Vol IX-No.165 – Allen’s Indian Mail

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The Jubbulpore School of Industry is so thriving that the pupils, 800 in number, are obliged to work till ten o’clock at night to complete their orders; this they do most cheerfully. They are all Thugs, or the children of Thugs, and the hands which now ply the shuttle, or the axe, or the saw, have through the greater portion of their lives been familiar only with the poison cup or strangling rope.

Maulmain—On the 23rd November, the town of Maulmain was nearly blown up by the explosion of two hundred casks of gunpowder, which accidentally caught fire.

Captain Impey. —Extract of a letter from Maulmain.—”The The intelligence which has reached us of Captain Impey is not of the most positive nature, He is at one time said to be marching at the head of 20,000 Burmans to the attack of the Shans; at anothertime he is reported to be at Ava tendering his allegiance to that court and government, and the latest account is that that unfortunate and misguided man is ‘lying sick at Kherannee, Pappo’s village, having neither joined the Shans nor the Burmans.  I have reason to believe that this letter is the correct statement.  His friend Mr. Tracey some time ago applied to Government for the grant of a forest on the east bank of the Thoung-yeen, and pending the boon, both himself and Capt. Impey are lying upon their oars.  As soon as the sanction is obtained, both intend to set vigourously to work in the timber trade, so that all the reports of his heading an army, and all that sort of stuff, is sheer downright nonsense.”—Englishman


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