Blunderbuss Mai Tai Recipe

Blackbeard’s Jolly Roger

If you’re looking for that most refreshing of summertime beverages for sipping out on the back patio or perhaps as a last drink before walking the plank, let me recommend my Blunderbuss Mai Tai.  I picked up the basics to this recipe over thirty years ago when holed up in a gritty little hotel and bar in Puerto Rico and have worked on perfecting it ever since.

I generally spend a good month at this endeavor every year and this summer is proving to be no exception.

But first, let’s come to a buccaneer’s agreement right up front just in case you”re tempted to try this one out on your guests.

This drink is a real mind-bender and although it may taste smooth, it packs a real rum punch as it were, thus ensure your guests safe passage home, which means collecting all the car keys and providing a designated driver.

Further caution: Don’t smoke or have an open flame around Bacardi 151 or your bar just might go up in flames.

Blunderbuss Mai Tai Recipe
The Necessary Booty:

Bottle of Myers Dark Rum
Bottle of Bacardi Select Rum, or
Bottle of Ron Anejo Pampero Anniversario if available
Bottle of Bacardi 151 Rum
Bottle of Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge
Can of 100% Pineapple Juice
Bottle of Roses Grenadine
Bag of Lemons, Limes, and Navel Oranges
Jar of Maraschino Cherries
A can of Chunk Pineapple Pieces
An Assortment of Snack Foods(This will help stave off the brain freeze)
16 OZ Heavy Glasses or Mai Tai Cups
A couple bags of ice
The Map:

Fill a glass 3/4 full of ice.  Add Bacardi Select or Pampero Anniversario Rum to half way point.  Add a shot of 151. Add a quick dribble of Grand Marnier. Squeeze in a slice each of lemon, lime, and naval orange.  Fill close to the brim with pineapple juice.  Add a quick dribble of Myers Dark Rum and a splash of Roses Grenadine.   Garnish with bar umbrellas with cherry and pineapple chunk.

Bonus: Pampero on the rocks with a just a splash of lime is nice.


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