Limited Edition Classic Reprints

Our readers occasionally ask how they may show their support for this site.   Thus, we have come up with what we believe is a great solution.

Over the years we have managed to keep this site ad free, but have lately been considering ways to help defray costs. We are thinking to perhaps take on a couple of niche ads, say cigars and wine or whiskey, and coffee and tea, but those remain under consideration.   In the meantime, Country House Essays, in collaboration with independent publisher Piranesi Press, is bringing a few beloved classics back to life.

These limited first edition paperback books have been produced with the book lover in mind.  They have been carefully formatted with old-fashioned book fonts in order to ensure crisp clear text and have not been cheaply done with OCR text reproduction. The cover designs are original and unique to these editions.

Each title is limited to 500 copies—with the exception of the King Arthur book which is limited to 150 copies.

Our books will not be sold on Amazon as we object to their increasingly monopolistic practices.

Click on a book cover below to be taken to the Barnes and Noble site for purchase.  Prices range from $19.95 to $139.95.  When these are sold out, they will not be reprinted.