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Privacy Policy

We value the privacy of our readers and subscribers. We do not and will not share, sell, lease, or disclose any user information unless compelled to do so by a legitimate and lawful court ordered subpoena issued in the State of Texas.

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Cookie Policy

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Site Security

We currently use third party visitor tracking  that enables us to determine what our readers are most interested in viewing.  This information is retained for thirty days on a third party server and then automatically deleted. 

We do have the ability to view our visitor’s IP addresses and general computer location, however, this information is used for the sole purpose of weeding out unwelcome spambots and/or others sites, entities, or persons that may wish to cause harm to our site. We also have software installed to prevent such intrusions.

Legal Disclaimer on Info Relating to Investments;

To Include:

  • crypto,
  • stocks,
  • stock options,
  • bonds,
  • real estate,
  • gold,
  • silver,
  • tulips, etc.,

From time to time we share opinions and information on financial matters. We are competent in such matters based on the editor holding a Master Degree in Public Accounting, a BA in International Relations and forty years of experience in stock market and economic analysis.

However we are not stock brokers and do not claim to be so.

Caveat: Our general position and opinion on all types of investments is as follows: Should one not be of sufficient moral character to accept 100% responsibility for their own investment decisions without laying the blame for losses off on a third party then one should not participate in any type of investments beyond the complexity of a passbook savings account or perhaps a piggy bank stuffed under their beds or buried in a jar in the back yard.  In other words, if you don’t understand it and are not willing to lose 100% or your investment capital, don’t invest in it.  

Third Party Links

We link to other websites but are not responsible for their privacy policies, or terms of use.  We make every effort to ensure we do not link to sites known to contain malware or other malicious software code, but cannot guarantee the integrity of third party site safety.  

Advertising and Affiliate Links 

From time to time we place third party ads for products and services.  We generate revenue from these ads. We also place ads for our own products from time to time, namely books and artwork that we sell to help defray the operation of this site. We will not and cannot possibly guarantee the safety of any product sold by a third party through an ad placed on this site. 

Copyrights & Trademarks

We respect the intellectual property of others.  We use public domain artwork and publications for much of the work generated on this site.  Should a third party believe that we have violated their copyrights in any manner please contact us at and we will remove the offending item until at which time the veracity of the claim can be established. 

We make every attempt to credit authors and photographers and generally use pictures that fall under various creative commons licenses.  We do not attempt to state each individual license on the page of publication as those may be ascertained through the creative commons website.  We also attempt to link to photo and article sources whenever possible. Form more information on CC licenses click here

We do not comply with the European Union’s cookie policy at this time as the majority of our visitors originate from the United States. 

The terms of this policy are subject to change at anytime.  Should there be a change, a notification will be placed in the article thread on the front page of this paper.