Copper Kills Covid-19 and the Sun is Your Friend

The element copper effectively kills viruses and bacteria.

Therefore it would reason and I will assert and not only assert but lay claim to the patents for copper mesh stints to be inserted in the arteries of patients presenting with severe cases of Covid-19 with a slow release dosage of Copper Sulfate woven in, those in need of ventilators and on death’s edge.  I also lay claim to any and all copper mesh filtering systems for ventilator tubing and facial masks.  I have a partner in this whom will not be named, a brilliant chemist who will be entitled to split any and all financial benefit from such claims.

For the layman or the lady of the house, let me suggest using copper vessels to drink any and all liquids from or if one is not available, my good friend the chemist suggests placing a real copper penny, those made in the early 1900s in America and elsewhere containing a high percentage of copper, in the bottom of the glass one drinks from. Copper drinking straws are available at Walmart and Amazon.

Remove all stainless steel from your kitchens, fashionable yes but bacteria friendly, yes, bacteria loves stainless steel can survive for up to five days on such surfaces.  Replace your stainless with copper, more expensive but worth it.  Why hospitals have not replaced their door knobs and railings with copper is beyond me—my guess being cost of the endeavour—and God knows profit before patient makes rich doctors sleep better at night.

For the vitamin taker, order some copper supplements. CAUTION, do not take massive doses, it will kill you.  Consult your doctor on acceptable levels.  Heavy metal accumulation in the body is not a good thing.  And in the case of Covid-19 patients taking Copper Sulfate, should they choose to encourage their doctors to give it to them, they will need to follow up with some heavy workouts and steam baths and saunas to remove any remaining traces from their bodies after leaving hospital.

On a side note, the body is a vitamin D manufacturing facility.  One must only turn on the system by sunbathing.  Nearly every cell in the body will leap into action and manufacture a version of D3.  If you sunbathe or the sun is not out due to in-climate weather, buy D3 supplements.

If one is on the death bed with Covid-19, one may wish to demand of their doctor that a high dose Vitamin C IV be used as it has proved effective in some cases.

Take vitamin C supplements after consulting with your doctor as it is well known that too much Vitamin C can stress the kidneys.

by Dr. Copperfield, pseudonym



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